curriculum vitae

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Principal pianist with the Williams College Percussion Ensemble at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts

Improvisation with Twenty-Three Ensemble at the BookMill in Montague, Massachusetts

Principal pianist with the Outer Circle Chamber Ensemble at The Frick Auditorium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Composer/pianist with Technical Drawings at Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Michigan

Participant in Collision Theory: Live performance underscoring improvising dancers at Links Hall in Chicago, Illinois

Pianist as part of the Biennial of the Americas at the McNichols Building in Denver, Colorado

Improvisation with Ensemble Integrales at the Hafen City Klang-Kontainer in Hamburg, Germany

Pianist as part of Siesta Sessions at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, Belgium

Pianist as part of La Terra Trema Festival in Cherbourg-Octeville, France

Soloist as part of the Darmstadt Institute at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York


Sonelab Sessions, White Creek Recordings (cassette)

Doppeldoppelgangers, Shelter Press (double vinyl)

Twenty-Three Quartet, Collapsible Cat (CD)

The WIRE Tapper 23 inclusion (CD)

The Ruined Map, Technical Drawings, Gagarin (vinyl)

LA Smog Heaven Cellar Door, Specific Recordings (CD)

Specimens Table of the Elements (CD)


Musical Dierctor of the Leading Ladies at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Piano Conductor of the Harlequin Players in North Adams, Massachusetts

Master Class Leader at Rennsalear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York

Workshop Instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Guest Lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University's _Dorkbot_ held at Brillobox in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Commissioned Composer and Conductor of the Women in Art Music Ensemble at Oberlin College, Ohio

Guest Lecturer at The I/o Festival at the Williams College '62 Center for the Performing Arts


Booking Agent: Inner Echo, the Paregen Building

Project Manager: Roy Gee Biv Kinetic & Sound Art Festival, The Nerve

Associate Curator: Salem Art Works, (SAW)

Gallery Director: artSTRAND, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Curatorial Assistant: Williams College Museum of Art

Programming Director: Storefront Artist Project

Booking Agent: Robot Mansion at The Contemporary Artists Center

Booking Agent: Sunfest, Bennington College


Gamelan Ensemble at University of Pittsburgh

Curatorial Studies at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Piano at Williams College

Piano at New England Conservatory

Bachelor of Arts in Music & Writing at Bennington College

Honors & Awards

New England Public Radio Arts & Humanities Award

Grant recipient: the Studio for Creative Inquiry

Grant Recipient: the Sprout Fund

Grant Recipient: The Woolley Fund

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

The Amy Award for Acting

Western District Music Festival

Western District Academic Decathlon