The Revenant version of  Music And Dance , RVN-CD-201 (1996)

The Revenant version of Music And Dance, RVN-CD-201 (1996)


Derek Bailey
New Year Messages 1-4
Guitar Series Vol. II


Table of the Elements
[Sodium] TOE-SS-11
7” single, die-cut letterpress jacket, gray vinyl, numbered edition of 350


Derek Bailey with Min Tanaka
Music and Dance

Table of the Elements
[Zirconium] TPE-LP-40
Phono LP

These live recordings of Bailey's 1980 "accompaniment" to Japanese dancer Min Tanaka on a semi-outdoor Paris stage, previously available only on a privately released cassette, amply document Bailey's command of a highly individualized atonal language. "Rain Dance" is the work of a remarkable ensemble: Bailey's ringing tones, Tanaka's percussive movements, rumbling thunder, a torrential downpour, and the rhythmic patter of rain dripping from a leaky roof. "Saturday Dance" chimes and burns -- a concentrated assault rivaling the incendiary Incus Taps.

“I have always thought of Derek as a musician whose work has been based on the consistent belief that music is a constantly evolving and mutating language, an open-form able to accommodate all life that surrounds it. Music and Dance is another spellbinding performance, not diminished one iota by the passage of time, or the transfer to a new medium; in fact, the music's unutterably alien qualities are enhanced by the abstraction of home listening. But once again, what comes across most strongly is the feeling of advanced intelligences searching for a common language in which to communicate across the vast distances of time, space, culture and geography."
Tony Harrington, The Wire