"The skyscraping wall of amplified string drone that is erected here towers over almost everything. Coupled with Cale's hypnotic, deafening, avant-rock viola is Conrad's equally impressive double-stop violin playing. Together they produce the sound illusion of some huge electrical generator, a grinding musical turbine that is forever shooting sparks to ignite the imagination... Day of Niagara is an incredible piece of music. That it exists and is, at last, available to anyone who wants to hear it is nothing short of a miracle. Rejoice!"   — The Wire

The Dream Syndicate/Theatre of Eternal Music

Tony Conrad's final performances
July 29-30, 1966

"The Celebration of the Tortoise"

On the Occasion of the Opening of Midsummer
In the Field at the Corner of Town Lane and Windmill Lane
Amagansett, Long Island, NY

Photograph: Frederick Eberstadt, 1966